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Packaging Day 2019

The fact that plastic packaging is not an end in itself, but fulfils important functions such as the protection of products, has been widely communicated by industry media. In addition, it is equally important to make the sustainable strengths of flexible packaging tangible for the public. Occasional reports have already made a start here. (See examples from FAZ or SWR).

As an active part of the packaging industry, we at ppg > cultivate an open approach to topics of this kind. In this way, we want to make a contribution to greater transparency and provide young people in particular with a differentiated insight into the subject matter.

For example, we also use the annual "Packaging Day" to inform schools in our area about the topic of sustainability in direct contact with them. This year's theme day, which was initiated by the German Packaging Institute dvi took place on 9 June and offers a good opportunity to actively get in touch with the public.

In 2017 we started a cooperation under the motto "Flexible Packaging macht Schule". This project is being implemented together with the Lower Saxony Competence Centre for the Food Industry (NieKE) at the University of Vechta and the Damme secondary school and was continued at this year´s "Packaging Day".


The pupils of a 9th grade first learned the basics of ecological, economic and social sustainability in a workshop. Equipped with an appropriate questionnaire, the young people then visited the production facilities of ppg > flexofilm GmbH in Holdorf. Finally, the various details relating to procurement, production and sales were critically scrutinised. This establishes a dialogue between pupils, teachers and companies that transmits knowledge and can provide more transparency.

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