MOSH-MOAH low-migration chocolate wrapper foils

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In the wake of recent reports from German magazine "ÖKO-TEST" (July 2017) concerning migrations of mineral oil residue into chocolate, there has been an increased demand for a packaging solution that prevents MOSH/MOAH transfer while maintaining the same quality. This is precisely what we now offer our customers.

By employing a new vegetable-based wax, we were able to develop a laminate composite which does not clearly permit MOSH-MOAH migration. This non-contaminated composite can be easily implemented, since it does not impact the design, feel or machinability in any way. We are happy to elaborate on further details in a personal consultation.



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Corinna Kynast

Legal and Regulatory Affairs Food/Chemical

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The mineral oil residues, namely MOSH and MOAH (saturated and aromatic hydrocarbons), which were found in foodstuffs, in this case chocolate, have been classified as hazardous. The discussion surrounding mineral oil residue in food originated from printing inks, such as the ones used in newspapers, which are unsafe for use in food packaging. Because of the recycling process, recycled cardboard packaging can contain high amounts of mineral oil from these newspaper inks. Meanwhile, other entry sources have been identified, such as the manufacturing process itself or mineral oil contaminated jute bags used for transporting the cocoa beans. The chocolate´s primary packaging is being discussed as a possible entry source as well.

In contrast, independent testing of our aluminium-paper composite with its vegetable-based wax found that there is no clearly MOSH-MOAH migration into the packaged food.

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